What is Happiness?

A quiet walk?

Making it through a difficult situation?

Accomplishing a long held goal?

Spending time with friends and family?

Taking a vacation? Read more


Tuesday Thought Starter

If you are like me, it can be easy to get caught up in the noise of life.  I was thinking about this yesterday as I got our daughter to her lesson, and decided to take a walk while she tacked up.  I suddenly felt really insecure around the other moms, but that wasn’t the reason I went for a walk.  I’m trying harder to be present, and I sit in long meetings during the day so a walk is a great way to clear my mind and just be. Read more

They Didn’t “Ask for it” – How Women Across the Globe are Using Their Voices Against Sexual Violence

I’ve written about our rape culture here in the U.S. in a previous post, and was moved to see women across the world fighting back against biases that plague governments, organizations, and individuals alike.  The thoughts and beliefs perpetuated from the top create and support a rape culture.  Victim blaming is a go-to response for many not willing to teach don’t rape, but favor a ‘don’t get raped’ approach.

Check out Marc Bain’s article on how women are taking a stand. Read more