Meal Delivery Services and Why They May Be Just What You Need

We decided to try a meal delivery service a few months ago, and it’s been a game changer for us.  I have enjoyed meal planning for a long time, but with our schedule getting busier in recent years, it has been a bit of a relief to delegate part of meal planning to a service. Read more


Understanding Organic Foods and GMOs

I majored in Human Nutrition and Foods so I get a lot of questions about diet and food choices.  I had a private practice for several years working with heart patients and women looking to make lifestyle changes.  The questions I got for many years were all about choosing healthy options, but recently, the questions have shifted to not just asking about nutritional content in food, but also a concern about the use of chemicals and GMOs in our food. Read more

Laundry Tips to Keep You Sorted

Laundry is one of those tasks that really never ends.  Just when the last load is folded, kids come in from playing outside covered in dirt and mud.  I’ve done countless loads of wash, and I have ruined my fair share of clothes, so I thought I’d do some research, and find out ways to more effectively complete this to-do. Let’s take closer look at laundry, shall we? Read more