Sunday Suppers: BLT Panzanella Salad & Cookie Crack

Sunday Suppers is a weekly series featuring recipes and conversation topics that bring together those most important to you.  From our house to yours, bon appetit.

It has been a busy few weeks.  Between work and home life, I have not had time to blog and connect here as I would like.  Life is like that sometimes.  There is a natural ebb and flow, however, I am filled with gratitude that we have spent time as a family planting flowers, taking care of the barn, and collapsing together on the couch after longer days spent sprucing up our yard after the winter season.

Spring breathes life back into our being, and the crisp sunny mornings followed by warm afternoons are a luxury I long for every year.  It really is the little things in life that make us shine.  This week, I am grateful for the time I spent planting my herb garden, and caring for the new plants we planted in our flower beds.  It feels so good to dig in the earth, and be outside, and to that end, today’s dinner is a nod to all the vegetables out in the markets.  Work hard, play hard, and dine easy.

The Main Course

Skillet BLT Panzanella Salad from Delish

The Recipe

To Top It Off…

Cookie Crack by Lindsay Funston

The Recipe

Conversation Topics

What is your favorite aspect of Spring?

Baseball just kicked off.  What team are you hoping wins the World Series?

What is the funniest thing that happened to you in the last week?

Tell your favorite joke.


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