The Unscripted Weekly: Worthiness, Safety, Privacy, and Article 50

The Unscripted Weekly features links to various articles I have come across in my travels across the internet.  Feel free to share your own internet journeys, and thoughts on these articles in the comments section.

There are times that words can make a huge difference, and one high school has stepped up their game in positive affirmations.  Check out the latest look and feel of this school, and how they are ensuring our girls know they are worthy.

Parenting is hard, and scary sometimes.  We do our best to protect our children, and one mom wants us all to know about her recent frightening experience while out shopping. One thing I was reminded of is that intuition is strong, and not to be ignored.

You may have heard.  Our internet browsing data is now for sale due to the recent passing by Congress of a bill allowing internet service providers to track our behavior while using the internet, and sell it.  It is a huge blow to our privacy.  Check out what you can do to protect your data, and avoid the advertising your ISP plans to deliver to your browsing experience.

Article 50 has been invoked.  What is that?  It starts the U.K.’s divorce proceedings from the European Union.  It will be an affair to remember for sure, and won’t necessarily be easy. Think really messy, public arguing over terms, conditions, assets, liabilities, and more.  The Economist has the latest, but this will be in the news for years to come.

While Theresa May kicks off the divorce discussions, London and Paris have kicked off their own negotiations.  The two cities have announced a tourism agreement designed to care for the tourism and business sectors of the economy.  How this all works out remains to be seen, but these two cities see the value of a strong relationship, and are taking measures to ensure it remains.



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