Sunday Suppers: Tuscan Lemon Chicken & Chocolate Pudding Pie

Sunday Suppers is a weekly series featuring recipes and conversation topics that bring together those most important to you.  From our house to yours, bon appetit.

One of my favorite recipes is Tuscan Lemon Chicken.  It is in our rotation fairly frequently (every 4 – 6 weeks), and it never fails to leave us satisfied.  Throw together a quick side or salad, and you have a meal sure to please, plus, the leftovers are fantastic.

The Main Course

Tuscan Lemon Chicken by Ina Garten

The Recipe

To Top It Off…

Double Chocolate Pudding Pie by Ellie Krieger

The Recipe

Conversation Topics

Do you think kids should be allowed to watch anything they want? Why or why not?

If you could make up your own show, what would it be about?

Do you think the shows you watched as a young child influenced you?

Do you think television violence impacts society, or are people able to separate reality from fiction?



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