Add, Don’t Subtract

Today is Ash Wednesday, and while I am technically Catholic, I am not a practicing Catholic.  I am far more spiritual in nature.  I do, however, leverage some religious structure to help me grow as a person.

Lent is a time that many folks spend in reflection, and for some, taking away a bad habit or food is a way to honor Jesus’ time in the desert.  For me, I add.

I don’t add to be obstinate or disrespectful to those that practice, I add because I wholeheartedly believe that when I add something good, I don’t have as much room for the bad.  I think of it like a dinner plate.  If I add more veggies,  I have less room for other items that may not be quite as good for me.

I have added to my life during this time of year for the past 4 or 5 years, and I have found it is far more effective in changing my behaviors than when I used to take away.

I’ve spent that last couple of weeks thinking about what to add.  It’s been a rocky few months, and I have let some negative behaviors creep in so I wanted to put some thought into my list. I’ve come up with the following, and reserve the right to add even more:

  • Positivity – I am committing to surrounding myself with positive messages, positive people, and I am focusing on seeing the positive in situations that may at first feel negative.
  • Play – Okay, this may sound odd, but I really don’t play.  I really don’t know what it means to play as an adult, and I am going to find out.
  • Creativity – I’ve added this before, and it was incredibly fun.  Our daughter and I started painting, and we had a blast.  I really started to thrive.  This year, gardening is speaking to me, so I am excited to see where this leads.

That is my list.  I think I could sum up my list by saying I am adding fun to my life.  I figure we are here on this earth, and walking around with the world on my shoulders doesn’t feel like it is good for anyone.  I am not really doing anything to better humanity by simply feeling sorrow for all those struggling.  But if I could impact someone near me with simple joy, I wonder what could happen?

I’m going to find out.

See you on the journey.


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