Tuesday Thought Starter

If you are like me, it can be easy to get caught up in the noise of life.  I was thinking about this yesterday as I got our daughter to her lesson, and decided to take a walk while she tacked up.  I suddenly felt really insecure around the other moms, but that wasn’t the reason I went for a walk.  I’m trying harder to be present, and I sit in long meetings during the day so a walk is a great way to clear my mind and just be.

I gave my sudden insecurity some thought while I walked down the dusty lane leading up to the barn.  I discovered that I felt I didn’t fit in, at least not at the moment when I walked in to get our daughter settled.  I’ve felt this many times.  The tape that runs through my head is ‘not good enough’, or simply, ‘not enough.’  I know it well.  I also know it’s not true.  Sure, in a particular moment I may truly feel it is true, but when I step back, take a breath, and really think about it, I know it is just a thought, and thoughts can be changed.

My experience last evening got me thinking.  We can all use reminders now and then because these less-than thoughts can creep up on us quickly, and throw us for a loop.  I’m still processing a bit about why I felt as I did last evening, but I’m giving myself an exit strategy by asking the following question:

What one positive quality do you possess that you know to be true without a single shred of doubt?

Shame and less-than thinking cannot survive love and empathy.  We all struggle.  We all have moments of doubt, and those moments don’t erase the incredible qualities we each have within us.  Our light is so much stronger than our darkness.



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