The Unscripted Weekly: Sugar, IRAs, Nintendo, Bumblebees, and Screen Time

The Unscripted Weekly features links to various articles I have come across in my travels across the internet.  Feel free to share your own internet journeys, and thoughts on these articles in the comments section.

Sugar has become the new smoking according to some experts, but there is still much debate.  Check out Sugar, explained on Vox, and see what you think.

For many of us, the new year brings a desire to take a look at our long term investments, and perhaps make changes.  If you have a self directed IRA, Nasdaq recently published, “Have It Your Way” Retirement Accounts: 4 Things to Know About Self Directed IRAs.  Take a look to see if these tips can help you out in 2017.

Check out the latest in gaming with Nintendo’s Switch.  Digital Trends take us through the details in their article, Nintendo Switch: Our First Take.

There has been a lot of buzz about bumblebees in recent years.  Live Science walks us through the Facts About Bumblebees, and their importance in our world.

If you are like most families, setting media time limits can be a struggle.  The Washington Post’s Caroline Knorr helps us figure it out in her article, 5 Simple Steps to a Healthy Family Media Diet.



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