I Finally Wrote the Ending of a Long Open Chapter

Some years ago I had a very tumultuous relationship with my manager at the time.  It was the darkest year of my professional career, and has taken me considerable effort to overcome.  I’m not alone in this experience.  Many of us have had difficult relationships with a manager at some point.  This post isn’t really about what we can learn from these experiences, although I do believe there are many lessons to learn, it’s about how I finally closed the chapter.

I love self-development.  I’ve been steeped in the process of self-reflection for well over a decade. I love it all so much I became a certified coach in 2015.  I have myriad of tools at my disposal when difficult times occur, however, I was not prepared for the completely off the rails challenges that rose out of the ashes of the inferno that was my relationship with my former boss.  I say all of that because no matter how prepared we feel we may be, there are situations that are down right hard with few answers that provide the nice closure I know I completely desire.

I’m not getting into the sordid details of this story because they don’t matter.  Let’s fast forward to the good part.

I found out yesterday that my former manager has completely changed her career path, opened her own small business following her personal passions, and picked up and relocated to an area of the country that has been her dream to live in for many years.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

As a coach, I couldn’t be prouder.  As a fellow human, I couldn’t be in more awe.  And most importantly, as a former employee of hers, I couldn’t be more complete.

Oddly enough, all the tears and journal pages shed over this difficult situation did nothing compared to knowing she is happy, following her path, making a difference in this world, showing up brave, and living a courageous life.  I am loving this feeling of completeness.

Sometimes closing a chapter and moving on from a difficult relationship means knowing the other is living the life they were meant to live.


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