The Unscripted Weekly: Science, Starbucks, Ghost Stories, and Favorite Shows

The Unscripted Weekly features links to various articles I have come across in my travels across the internet.  Feel free to share your own internet journeys, and thoughts on these articles in the comments section.

Click through to read more, and Happy Trails!

NPR showcases women’s contributions to science, and specifically women of color, in their article ‘Hidden Figures’, ‘The Glass Universe’, and Why Science Needs History.  See how minority women altered the course of history, and received little to no credit for their accomplishments in a deeply segregated society.

“Often, stories like these are considered curiosities; footnotes on something that already has a fixed narrative. But one of the reasons bringing these accounts back into the spotlight is such crucial work is precisely because it’s so easy to let a dominant narrative become history, and history to become establishment. There’s deep value to these stories in the here and now.”

Ever wonder what happens when you don’t let out that intestinal gas?  Science Focus gives us the answer!

Starbucks definitely has a corner on the coffee market, but those drinks can rack up quite a bill. Business Insider reveals how you can save a little cash on your next trip in their article, How to Save Money at Starbucks.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, is by far my favorite holiday classic.  It hits the right chord, and puts the entire season into perspective.  There is a history to the “scary ghost stories”, and it goes back much farther than our more recent Christmas traditions.  The Smithsonian gives a brief history of why ghost stories are so prevalent in the dark winter months.

“As Dickens wrote, the ghosts of Christmas are really the past, present and future, swirling around us in the dead of the year. They’re a reminder that we’re all haunted, all the time, by good ghosts and bad, and that they all have something to tell us.”

And finally, after the last word of the ghost stories have been told, and you finally let yourself relax, CBS provided a list of What to Binge Watch Over the Holidays.  Sometimes a break isn’t necessarily a bad thing.



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