5 Tips On Successfully Starting a New Job

Starting a new job, or transitioning to a new role within your current company can be stressful and exciting all at the same time.  It is energizing to be chosen, and it can also bring on some anxiety.  The first few weeks or months are often a trial period so it is important that you are ready to hit the ground running on your first day.

Get to Know Your Team

Start off right by introducing yourself to your co-workers and peers.  Don’t wait to be introduced, instead, offer an introduction and get to know them.  Make sure to meet colleagues in other departments, too.  Building your brand, and developing relationships is key to your success.

We All Start at the Beginning

It can feel like we are already behind when we start a new job.  Your teammates and peers already know the organization, the team and organizational goals, and are delivering on key objectives.  Don’t let that get the best of you.  We all start at the beginning.  No one comes to a new role knowing all there is to know about the job.  It takes time to navigate the waters, but don’t sit back.  Actively get to know more about the work and the team. We all start at the beginning, but we are not expected to remain there.

Be Flexible, and Ready to Adapt

It is not unusual to land a job with a core set of responsibilities, and get assigned work that is outside of what you expect.  Hiring for a position often comes with the reorganization of the current work responsibilities on the existing team.  Be flexible, and ready to jump in when asked.  It is never a good sign for a new hire to start citing the posted job description. Managers often need team members to help in a myriad of ways, and it takes a bit of time for a manager to really get to know you and your work product.

You Got the Job, Now Deliver

“Playing the new card” may sound like a good idea, but you are far better off finding ways to immediately deliver value.  Work with your new teammates, leverage your skills, and make proactive, meaningful offers.  You were chosen for the role, now get to work proving yourself.

Speak Up

There is nothing wrong with observing, and getting a lay of the land when starting a new role.  As a matter of fact, it can be a key factor to your success, however, don’t sit in silence in meetings.  Make a point to engage and ask questions.  Your new and fresh view is an advantage.  You may see or hear something that prompts valuable discussions.  Ask questions in meetings.  This is a great way for folks to get to know you, and to begin bringing you into the team.

Bringing It All Together

Starting a new role can be nerve wracking.  Remember that everyone starts at the beginning at some point.  Break the ice by getting to know your new team and organization; find out what you can do for them, be flexible, and adaptable.  Look for ways to immediately deliver value, and speak up in meetings and conversations.  Start delivering on the value you spoke about in the interview.


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