Sunday Suppers: About Those Leftovers…

My Sunday Suppers Series usually has a main course and a dessert recipe along with conversation topics designed to complement the long standing tradition of breaking bread with family and friends.  This week is slightly different in that for those of us in the US, we just celebrated Thanksgiving leaving many of us with pounds and pounds of leftovers!

My family started asking what’s for dinner THE VERY NEXT DAY after Thanksgiving!  Sigh. Nevermind that I just spent hours, possibly adding up to days, cooking in support of hosting the big event, and that doesn’t even include all the planning, preparation, and shopping required to pull it all together.

I have no doubt I won’t get another obvious turkey dinner out of this crew, and figured I may not be alone, so this week’s post is all about using up those leftovers.

Leftover Options

40+ Dishes to Cook with Thanksgiving Leftovers – Check out the soups, pot pies, sandwiches, pastas, and more from Food Network that use up your turkey day leftovers.

50+ Ways to Use Leftover Turkey – Delish has some really unique ways to use the leftovers from Thanksgiving that are sure to prevent turkey fatigue in even the most picky of eaters.

And if you do manage to get a few more turkey dinners out of your family, check out the 5 Ways to Reheat Leftovers up on Self.

Conversation Topics

What is your favorite amusement ride?

What was your favorite Thanksgiving dish this year?

What holiday tradition do you most enjoy?

What is one new thing you plan to do this holiday season?

May the odds be ever in your favor as you plow your way through the stacks of teetering Rubbermaid, bags of herbs, fancy butters, and containers of items that have you wondering, “What the heck is that?”


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