The Unscripted Weekly: Thanksgiving Edition

The Unscripted Weekly features links to various articles I have come across in my travels across the internet.  Feel free to share your own internet journeys, and thoughts on these articles in the comments section.

Click through to read more, and Happy Trails!

This week’s Unscripted Weekly is all about Thanksgiving!  For many Americans, it is time to come together with family and friends to pause and appreciate.  It’s no secret that for many Americans this has been a difficult political year, and continues to be a source of upset, so I have included a few articles with conversation topics and tips.

At the end of the day, we are all humans.  Breathe, relax, and enjoy the gifts of family, friends, and home.

“Try not to confuse the importance of the topic you’re discussing with the importance of the conversation you’re having.”     ~Daniel Post Senning

Let’s dig in!

First up, food safety.  No one wants to be responsible for a house full of sick guests.  Check out these important turkey day food safety tips from to ensure your meal is safe to serve.

Check out the most common Cooking Mistakes on Chowhound with pointers on how to avoid a Thanksgiving disaster.  Start here to plan a successful day.

Next up is the Menu on Food Network.  Most of us know the basics we want to serve, but take a tour through Food Network’s various menus divided by chef to find fresh, jazzed up recipes for your favorite dishes.

For some of us, it has been awhile since we studied American History.  Brush up on the History of Thanksgiving brought to you by History.

Also on History, Historical Thanksgiving Videos and Conversation Topics for the big day. Wow your guests with your Thanksgiving prowess, and keep the conversation in more neutral territory.

And for those of us a little leary about the conversation topics around the table on the big day, The Los Angeles Times has us covered with 4 tips for surviving the post election Thanksgiving.

Have a wonderful holiday.  Cheers!




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