The Choice

I’ve been in a bit of a stupor for the last two days.  As most folks know, the election results in the US were a shock to many, and certainly left me bewildered.  There will be analysis and discussion for months, and possibly years to come, but right now I’m trying to figure out my own feelings, and utter shock.  Let me start by saying, in no way do I feel democracy has let us down.  This is democracy.  This is how it works.  

Wednesday morning was a tough one.  The first emotion I felt was anger, quickly followed by fear.  I’ve experienced political loss in my life many times, but never the crushing blow I felt Wednesday morning.  I stood in front of the TV at 3:40AM in complete disbelief.  My husband and I were both floored, and the first question we asked was, “How do we tell our daughter?”

I am upset personally, but I am more distressed for our child, and all our children, and the world we are leaving them.  That may sound dramatic, but I am a person that lives up to my word.  If I say something, I mean it.  The rhetoric and fear that was propagated throughout the last 12 – 18 months is heart wrenching.  Never have I heard such hatred spewed by a candidate looking to win an elected office, and I can only take what he has said as his truth.  Unfortunately, those words have had a huge impact on others.  Already, we are seeing instances of hate crimes directly tied to his rhetoric within our communities.  Whether Trump believes what he said or not is not the issue for me; others do.  He courted voters using fear and ignorance, and we are seeing the devastating effects.

I’ve got deep personal work ahead of me.  I am exhausted, and look like hell, but somewhere I’ve got to find the strength to get back in the arena.  I’ve got to move out of fear and into love, but I’m not there yet.  I’ve read all sorts of positive messages from the likes of Deepak Chopra, Brene Brown, and Kelly Rae Roberts, and I am working to open my heart to hear the messages behind the presidential results.  Truth be told, there is a community of people that feel excluded, and it is critical that I do my part to hear their story, and collectively write our future together.  I cannot close myself to their struggle, and I cannot ‘other’ them, and do the same thing I felt was done to millions of people during this election cycle.

This is a reckoning, and when we heal, we will rise and be stronger together.

There is a road ahead of all of us.  Let us choose love over hate as we go forward.



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