Laundry Tips to Keep You Sorted

Laundry is one of those tasks that really never ends.  Just when the last load is folded, kids come in from playing outside covered in dirt and mud.  I’ve done countless loads of wash, and I have ruined my fair share of clothes, so I thought I’d do some research, and find out ways to more effectively complete this to-do. Let’s take closer look at laundry, shall we?

General Tips
  • Separate your clothes by color and fabric type
  • Don’t overfill the washer to ensure proper cleaning; fill to no more than 3/4 full
  • Don’t over soap; a 1/4 cup of detergent is all that is needed for most front loading washers
  • Clean the lint trap regularly
  • Remove clothes promptly from the dryer to avoid wrinkles
  • Decipher the laundry labels with this easy to use infographic


Washing Specific Fabric Types
  • Cottons: Wash in cold or warm water with an all purpose detergent; use permanent press setting to dry
  • Synthetics: Wash in warm water, but dry on a lower heat to avoid permanent wrinkles in the fabric
  • Wool: Hand wash woolen items in cold water, or professionally dry clean; air dry
  • Silks: Hand wash in cold water, or professionally dry clean; air dry
  • Rayon: Hand wash in cold water, or professionally dry clean; air dry
  • Linen: Hand wash in cold water, or professionally dry clean; air dry
Specific Tips
  • Unbutton shirts, including the collar buttons, to prevent button holes from tearing
  • Wash dark items inside out to prevent fading
  • Pre-treat stains to avoid setting from the dryer; see more on stain removal below
  • Use drying balls instead of dryer sheets to save money and reduce waste
  • If you use dryer sheets, skip using them on towels to keep them more absorbent
  • Wash underwear in small loads to ensure proper cleaning
  • Use zippered laundry bags for undergarments with hooks to avoid tangles
  • Wash sheets once a week in hot water using an all purpose cleaner

How-To Stain Removal Guide

A Guide to Washing Baseball Caps

How To Unshrink Your Clothes

What are your tried and true laundry tips?


2 thoughts on “Laundry Tips to Keep You Sorted

  • Our boys share a room and until recently shared a hamper. Getting separate hampers has cut back on sorting – almost life changing.

    Also, the guys don’t seem to care that their socks don’t match (in fact, they seem to like it). No more sorting of socks – a daring fashion sensibility that has been a big time save too.

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