I Think We Are Great, Too

I read the article, Don’t Worry America, Canada Thinks You’ve Always Been Great on PBS the other day, and was left with the overwhelming feeling of support, and love.  A Canadian based ad agency, The Garden Collective, launched the hashtag #tellamericaitsgreat with the sole purpose of spreading love.

“Dic Dickerson, managing director of the firm, called it a pet project they devised for no other reason than to just spread love. “We put it out there and I don’t think any of us expected to get as much traction as it did but we’re really, really excited by all the positivity,” he said. “A lot of people are talking, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Brilliant.  Spread support and open the lines of communication – what a beautiful example to set for humankind.

It’s been a long road, and I know I have personally struggled with the negativity flooding the news for months.  It was refreshing to take a timeout to feel the “collective group hug” from our neighbors to the north.  I appreciate that there are others that remind us of our greatness even when maybe we can’t see it right now.  It’s beautiful to hear this every now and then, because sometimes we forget.

“We rise by lifting others.”     ~Robert Ingersoll


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