The Unscripted Weekly: Low Stress Jobs, Moss, Genetics, and Retro Pop-Tarts

The Unscripted Weekly features links to various articles I have come across in my travels across the internet.  Feel free to share your own internet journeys, and thoughts on these articles in the comments section.

Click through to read more, and Happy Trails!

Need a new, less stressful job?  Money.Mic is showcasing 15 jobs with less stress, more work-life balance, and they don’t pay peanuts.

Check out how moss revealed an undetected air pollution threat in Portland, Oregon on PBS.

Gene-editing, religion and one scientist’s quest to reconcile the two over on PBS.  Check out how geneticist Ting Wu is reaching out to religious communities to address scientific advances in genetics.

Check out these retro pop-tarts on Brit+Co.  They’ll bring you back a few decades, and there are recipes for you to enjoy, too!



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