5 Quick Tips to Revitalize Yourself

We all have moments of low energy, and they don’t necessarily mean we are truly tired and in need of rest, sometimes we just need to take a few moments to get the blood flowing.

Low energy is often an indication that we need a break, a breather, or a timeout.  It is our mind and body giving us a hint that it is time to rejuvenate ourselves, and refill our tank. Let’s take a look at a few quick and easy tips to regain energy throughout the day when we are feeling low.

Exercise – If we are dragging, exercise may seem counterintuitive, but getting the blood moving is a great way to rejuvenate ourselves.  This can mean a full blown workout session, or a 10 minute walk.  Regardless of the length of time, exercise quickly increases energy.

Breathe Deeply – A solid deep breath can do wonders.  Breathe in deeply, and exhale fully to quickly add oxygen to the blood.  Do this several times to boost energy, and get the blood flowing.

Be Present in this Moment – Nothing zaps energy like living in the past, and worrying about the future.  Neither one of these activities helps us in any way.  Brooding is a great way to use up energy, and keep us from the present moment.  When this happens, call yourself back to this moment.  Notice your breath, your body, and your thoughts.  Let go of yesterday, and be here in this moment.

Be On Your Own – Interacting with people can definitely drain our energy.  At the end of a busy day, we can feel a bit worn out, not because we don’t like others, but because listening, communicating, and being present with others requires focus.  After a lot of interaction, our tank can get low.  When this happens, taking a few moments on our own can do wonders.  It allows us to reground and get centered while focusing only on ourselves.

Enjoy Nature – Being in nature is a great way to give ourselves a boost.  The fresh air and sunlight are a break from indoor lighting and conditioned air.  Take a quick walk outside, and appreciate a few moments enjoying the beauty around you.

Boosting our energy during the day can be quick and beneficial with these simple tips. Realizing when our energy tanks are low is an important tool to have in our toolbox.  It signals the need for a shift, and is another way we can care for ourselves and our needs.

What are your favorite ways to give yourself a quick boost?


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