Let’s Rethink Breakfast

We’ve all heard it: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  The historical view has been that breakfast revs up the metabolism, and helps us maintain a healthy weight.  But research shows that maybe that is not quite the case.  A recent study brings into question the benefits of breakfast on weight loss, and another found no differences in weight loss among breakfast eaters and non-breakfast eaters.

So, what’s up?

It turns out, it is much less about when you eat, and far more about what you eat.

Protein sources such as eggs and nuts maintain blood sugar levels whereas sugary breads and cereals cause spikes leading to cravings and an increase in fat storage.

What’s a good breakfast?

Eggs and veggies, a Greek yogurt, and a protein bar are all great choices.  But don’t get concerned if breakfast just isn’t for you.  Some people aren’t hungry for several hours after waking.  No problem.  When you are, grab a protein packed choice to keep your blood sugar levels more even, and help you stave off the hunger pangs.  Keep healthy grab-and-go items available so that you aren’t tempted to get into those doughnuts someone brought to the office.

There is nothing magical about breakfast.  Like most dietary recommendations, it is our choice of what and how much we eat that makes the biggest difference.  If breakfast isn’t for you, cut yourself some slack, and stop forcing down food in the morning.  But when you do decide it’s time to eat, choose healthy, protein rich foods to keep you going.

Click here for protein rich breakfast ideas to get you started.


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