In the End, We Are People

I read the article Talking hot dogs in Hanoi with President Obama last night, and it was a great way to end the weekend.  Regardless of your political affiliations, this article describes what I think is most important in our world today: to sit down as two humans and connect.  

Anthony Bourdain is well known for his brash commentary, and boldness in his choice of food. He stars in the show Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, and brings to watchers cultures and food many of us will never get a chance to experience.  In his season premiere, he sat down with President Obama in Hanoi to chat.

I knew when I read the article, it would leave a lasting impression on me.  There is something so down to earth about the experience they both had.  It wasn’t about fame, or making a statement, or politics.  It was two men having lunch in Hanoi.  And I think that’s exactly what drew me in.  When we strip it all down to the basics, we are all humans with hopes, dreams, fears, longing, loss, and desires.  This life is not about our titles and achievements.  It is about connection and letting go.

“When I asked him if it was okay that I get along with Ted Nugent, who has said many, many deeply offensive and hateful things about him personally, he responded “of course” — that that was exactly the sort of person we SHOULD be talking to: the people who disagree with us.”

In the end, it was two guys, Bun Cha, and a peek into two people making their way in the world.



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