Sunday Suppers: Pot Roast with Coffee & Whiskey

“The fondest memories are made gathered around the table”     ~Unknown

Sunday Suppers is a weekly series featuring a recipe and conversation topics that bring together those most important to you.  From our house to yours, bon appetit.

Main Course

Pot Roast with Coffee and Whiskey by Paula Disbrowe on Food52

The Recipe

Conversation Topics

The iOS upgrade is out with lots of new features.  What do you think about the new way to unlock your phone?

Season 6 of Games of Thrones started with a few shockers.  What are your thoughts on the abrupt death of Prince Doran Martell?

Pumpkin spice everything is here.  Are you a straight up coffee drinker, or do you enjoy partaking in fun drinks that match the season?

Football is on the scene, and there is lots of smack-talk going around.  Which teams do you predict will end up in the Super Bowl?


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