What Are You Tolerating?

Tolerance is defined as the act or capacity of enduring, or, using the synonym sufferance, the capacity to endure pain and hardship.  I got thinking about this yesterday listening to a conversation between two co-workers.  There was a fair amount of victim language going on, and it made me wonder what was being tolerated.

We all tolerate to some degree in order to function in every day life.  We tolerate being sick, traffic, sleepless nights with an infant, and other situations that we would not exactly sign up for with reckless abandon.  But, then there are things we tolerate that we really don’t have to.  Those situations where we say to ourselves, “Their needs are more important than mine” but deep down, we really don’t like the position we are in, and it feels icky.  Somewhere in our gut we know we are making an inequitable trade-off, and we are on the short end of the stick.

That’s when it’s time to take stock.  That icky feeling is our intuitive voice piping up to alert us that something is off, and that what is going on is not really working no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves it is.  And here’s the thing, that inner turmoil gets louder.  The dissonance starts as a low rumble, and grows.  It shows up in other areas of our lives if we don’t address it.  It’s like whack-a-mole.  We tamp it down in one place only for it to show up in another.

But, how do we shift from tolerating to speaking our needs?

We listen.

Intuition is a quiet knowing.  It is firm, and unwavering, and pure.  Intuition can be overridden by logic and analysis; humans are good at that.  We are too good sometimes, but we can learn to listen to our intuition with practice.  We can learn to hear it, and heed its steady truth.

“Intuition is seeing with the soul”  ~Deen Koontz



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