Starting Your Week Off Right

The end of the weekend, and the start of a new week seems to come around quickly leaving many of us unprepared for the week ahead.  Starting the week off right by adding a few simple to-dos can make the transition from weekend time to work time a bit easier.

Clean Sheets, Clean Home, Clean Laundry.

Taking some time to tidy up clears the mind and environment setting a positive tone for your week.  It’s hard to get going when there is clutter around you.  I love to start the week with clean sheets, a clean home, and clean laundry.  It clears the space around me, and allows me to focus on my work rather than piles of laundry and cluttered spaces.

Plan Your Menu.

Coming home, or closing up shop after a long Monday with a plan for dinner is like slippers for your stomach.  If you’re like me, I am usually hungry for a good meal, and not having a plan in place sets my mood on edge.  Take time to plan your menu.  Have the ingredients on hand, and if you don’t, make a trip to the grocery store.  A plan for dinners makes the transition from work to evening much smoother.

Add in Time for You.

This can mean exercising, walking the dog, reading, going out with friends, or whatever you do to re-energize.  It is critical to our well being to rejuvenate.  The work week can take a toll, and recognizing the need for a time-out can give us the much needed breather to gather up our strength to finish strong.

Review Your Upcoming Schedule.

We all have them.  Those weeks that are packed with meetings, reports, tasks, deliverables… Ugh!  I’m overwhelmed thinking about it!  When this happens to you, prioritize and renegotiate where possible.  What must be done this week?  What can wait? What seemed super important before, but perhaps isn’t any longer?  Don’t blindly bumble through the week.  Take action to remove the tasks that aren’t necessary or no longer a priority.  Spend your time on the critical items that give you and your work products the most bang for the buck.

A few simple tasks can set you up for a successful week, and reduce your stress level. These transition tasks take a bit of planning and time, but pay off in spades when the alarm clock goes off on Monday morning.


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