Remove the Word ‘Just’ From Your Vocabulary

The words we use matter.  What we say manifests into the beliefs we have about ourselves and others, so it’s important to choose our words wisely.

One word to immediately ban from your vocabulary is the word just.  It seems harmless, but in reality it is incredibly limiting, and self deprecating.  Take a look at the following statements:

  • I am just going to community college
  • I am just starting out
  • I am just a stay at home mom
  • I am just in middle management

How limiting and undercutting these statements are!  We are not ‘just’ any of these statements.  How powerful to say, “I am going to community college.”  That is such a strong declaration said with conviction and knowing.

So, what’s going on when we use the word just?  In one word, comparison.  We are comparing ourselves to someone or something else that we believe is better.  Comparison is the thief of all joy, and starts us down the road of feeling less than.  One word can have a lot of power, and can kick off the mental tapes tied to our self worth where we tell ourselves statements like, “I’m not that important” or “I’m not that qualified”.

Start listening to what you say to yourself, and about yourself.  It matters.


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