Fall Fashion Guide 2016

Well, ladies, here we go.  The fall fashions are out, and it’s time to take a look!

First up, Color!  Pumpkin is the color of the fall season.  So, grab your pumpkin spice drink of choice, and throw on a matching scarf, shirt, or sweater.  Pumpkin isn’t just for the Thanksgiving table anymore.

Next is the revival of the mini skirt, but not just the skirt, the mini skirt suit.  Watch for tweeds and plaids, and other color contrasting combinations coming to a suit near you.

Moving on to adornments.  Gone are the invisible seams, and out comes lace, whip sticking, and metal clasps.  This trend could require a bit more time in the morning if you are like me, and not sure how to work whip stitching.

This next trend had me glance more than once.  Reconstructed denim.  I wasn’t even sure what it meant.  After a quick search, I had what I needed.  Designers are cutting and sewing different jeans together to create a new, reconstructed denim.  But don’t discard the skinnies, those are still in play.

Pair your deconstructed denim with the latest fashion trend in jackets, the shearling jacket.  This year’s jacket of choice comes in the traditional brown or black, along with many other available cuts and colors.  You won’t be chilly this fall in this sheepskin jacket.

Making a strong comeback on the fashion scene are logo sweats.  Hello 90’s!  Lounge wear just got a whole lot more lounge-y.  Weekends never looked, or felt, better!  This year’s sweats include both sweatpants and sweatshirts that harken back to those pre-millennial days when the iPhone and Android were a thing of science fiction.

And finally, who can resist a great Bohemian dress?  Well, this year, they got a bit of a fix up with the dressed up Bohemian.  Fancy enough to wear out, but flexible enough to dress down.  Moving from those logo sweats on Monday morning just got a bit easier!

And there you have it.  The fall trends of 2016.  What strikes your fancy, and what items do you plan to leave at the store?



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